Store and share sensitive documents
securely on your smart devices.

Service Delivery Verification

i-dentikey’s service delivery verification guarantees reliable time keeping. At the beginning of a job staff indicate they’ve started work and attach a photo, and at the end they indicate work has completed, also attaching a photo. i-dentikey records the location where the work was performed and automatically sets start and end times. All photos are protected by i-dentikey’s encryption technology.

The service delivery dashboard allows managers to search, filter, view, edit and extract time entries.

Secure Storage

i-dentikey, powered by Medikey’s patented encryption platform
designed by the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, offers
the same level of security used in online banking, to your
personal sensitive documents.

Individual document encryption provides significantly greater
security than typical cloud based storage.

Uploaded documents cannot be dowloaded, edited or printed –
protecting against document repurposing.

Secure Sharing

When you use i-dentikey, you establish a secure ecosystem of
connected users, without the need for a complex and costly
internal server system or any hardware set up.

Individual document encryption means that only you have the
keys to unlock access to your documents.

When you share a document, you choose whom you share
that document with provide them with the keys to access it.

No-one else can access those documents, not even us!

Guaranteed Authenticity

Documents are tagged with a unique one-time QR code,
allowing the origin of the document to be tracked and the
authenticity confirmed.

This can ensure the authenticity of sensitive documents
(such as vaccination certificates).


The secure online sharing platform is accessible on all your
smart devices.

This makes it the ideal platform for storing and sharing your
sensitive data including:

• Vaccination certificates
• Training certificates
• Medical test results
• Certified documents
• Any other document!

Our Team

Paul Zietsman

Chief Executive Officer

Paul has more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry managing teams from 15 to 80, and projects with budgets as high as $50M. Strong background, understanding and knowledge in the pre-employment, drug and alcohol testing domain.

Michael Joseph

Chief Technology Officer

Michael has spent the majority of his career managing software development projects. He has many years’ experience in recruiting and then leading offshore development and test teams.

Mark Reynoldson

Technology Officer
Mark is a computing engineer with over 30 years experience in building and deploying successful IT projects. He is specific expertise in encrypted data sharing platforms. He brings his considerable experience and expertise in designing and customising the the Medikey platform.

Dr. Greg Adamson

Chief Risk & Security Officer

Greg is a technologist specialising in cyber security and risk management in the health and finance sectors. He is an accredited project manager, and has a Master of Commercial Law degree.

A/Prof. Sandeep Prabhu

Chief Medical Officer

Sunny is a practicing Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, clinical researcher and law graduate. He uses this diverse background to provide Medikey a pragmatic and clinical perspective.

Tamara Dmitriyeva

Delivery Manager

Tamara has a background health administration and recruitment. Within the Medikey client onboarding role, she is the designated “voice of the customer”.

About Us

Medikey is a ground-breaking, patented and novel multi-sided platform, providing a personal data store based on Digital Trust and Privacy for digitally storing, authenticating and sharing medical data and personal information.

Using the Medikey platform, Web-based technology allows i-dentikey users to upload, manage and share documents, including authenticated documents from external parties, via smartphone and other devices. Medikey is one of the only platform to meet the stringent requirements of Australian (APP) and European (GDPR) legislation regarding handling of sensitive medical data and personal data. The Medikey platform gives you a comparable level of cybersecurity used in banking platforms, without the need for any hardware infrastructure set-up. All data is stored in Australia. For more information about i-dentikey and the Medikey platform, or to arrange a demonstration, contact us using the form below.


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